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Just for back from a run with the dogs. I am a vampire. My sleep schedule is all messed up.

Im really trying to start getting back in shape. I like running and biking so Ive been trying to jog each night to get back into the groove. Ive gained alot of weight over the last two years- partly due to my job, but mostly due to laziness and self indulgence.

Id like to lose about 60 pounds.


Today is a really rainy day. Its been raining for days non-stop. I wouldnt care so much if I didnt have two dogs to take out every few hours. (muddy paws on clean carpet!).

It was a short day today. I did a service call in Raleigh that didnt take long. Now Im at home listening to The Album Leaf and catching up on some reports for work.  The Album Leaf is great to listen to on rainy miserable days where you just want to stay inside.

Not really alot to write about today. I have to work in Durham tomorrow…its always a pleasure to visit durham. The goal is to not get robbed at the stop lights. Actually Im going over to Duke Hospital and the people there are nice so its all good.